Well here we are the final weekend. I will be here at the store all Day Saturday and Sunday so I want to see everyone at the store this weekend so I can personally thank you and see your smiling faces. Everything will be heavily discounted so you might also find something for your collection or a gift for a friend of family member.

It’s been just amazing and one heck of a ride. Thanks again for supporting the store all these years. Don’t forget this isn’t the end only a new beginning. So keep checking out the website regularly for updates. www.gamejunkie.com


  • GJ Videos – We will be replaying all the videos from the Grand Closing plus a few new surprises.
  • Treats – We will have some kind of tasty treats for all.
  • Games – Everything (minus any new releases) will be discounted 50%-70% OFF.
  • Fixtures – We still have a lot of cool fixtures for your place of business or home.

Again, I hope everyone in the GJ family can be here to share this experience, see old friends, and remember all the great times the store has provided.

Have fun!  Life is too short not to enjoy it.

Matt Matson
Owner, Game Junkie