Are you ready for the fourth and final character reveal?

Our final character has a summer home in Transylvania, where he likes to whip up a few gourmet dishes for his friends.  He has a massive wine cellar where he keeps an unmatched collection of the finest wines for his guests.  Just be beware of the spitting Fish Men and Flying Medusa Heads when you go to fetch a bottle.

His tastes don’t end with gourmet cooking and fine wines.  He also enjoys a variety of musical groups and artists.  He can often be overheard singing in the shower a line from one of his favorite punk bands Devo.  “When a problem comes a long, you must Whip It!”

He’s been known to lounge around in leather skirts.  He likes the ventilation, but doesn’t enjoy the chaffing.

Let’s give it up to the party animal and vampire slayer……..Simon Belmont!!!