I am proud to announce Summer Gamecation 2014!!!!
Cincinnati’s Premier Gaming Event!! of the Summer


Date: July 19 – July 20
Time: 12pm Saturday – 6pm Sunday

29 Straight hours of gaming nirvana!

Harry T. Wilks Conference Center
1601 University Blvd.
Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Register @: www.gamejunkie.com
2 Day Pass (online only): $15
2 Day Pass at Door: $20

GamerSpace (10′ X 10′ personal gamer area) only 10 spaces available: $20
must also have a 2day pass but you can go in on a GamerSpace with your friends. Split 4 ways would only be $5 more per gamer.

Events & Activities:

This is a brief list more events and activities will be announced soon!

  • Open Video and Board Gaming:  Many tables and video game stations (classic & nextgen) will be setup to play hundreds of games for your gaming pleasure.
  • GamerSpace Competition: These will be your own personal gamer area (10′ X 10′)  to decorate and setup as you please.  There will be awards for the best GamerSpaces.  Be creative and share your passion for gaming with the community.
  • Mario Kart 8 Tournament: The new hotness is here and we will have an epic tournament to decide who the ulitmate kart racer is.
  • Smash Bros Tournament: Either Melee or Brawl.  We will have a discussion in the Game Junkie google groups to see what the community wants to play.
  • HALO 1 4v4: Going old school on this one.  Does your team have what it takes to take out the competition?
  • Old School Tournaments: Warlords, Kaboom, Mario Kart 64 Battle ….  We are open to ideas so start the conversation.
  • Matson Funtime Events:  Off the wall crazy fun games that our crazy fearful leader Matt Matson personally hosts.
  • Limbo: A Summer Gamecation classic!!!! Start you Wii Fit yoga regimen and get ready for the ultimate test in flexibility

The real heartbeat of this festival will be the GamerSpaces. Come up with something fun and creative. If you love Sega CD, design a museum to the underdog add on. Maybe you think Pikachu is just the cat’s meow, design a shrine to your favorite electrical rat! …. Need some help coming up with a good idea? Check out the the area dedicated to that in the Gamerspace thread in our Game Junkie Google Group.

Register now (www.gamejunkie.com) and tell all your friends to come. In fact sit them down and watch them register. It’s by far the most economically friendly event we have ever thrown so there are no excuses. Unless you hate fun then you definitely shouldn’t come, because we are going to have mega loads of insane fun.

Can’t wait to see every one there,

Matt Matson

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