GJ Spring Festival Title Logo2

Registration is now live for the premier gaming event in Cincinnati:
Game Junkie’s Spring Gamerfest (world 8-4)!!!

Goto www.gamejunkie.com and register in the right sidebar.

Why Register?
1.  You save $5
2. You get an awesome personalized GJ Gamerfest Badge!
3. Because Pixel wants ya to.

Event will cost $15 pre-reg and $20 at the door.
Goto the Facebook page to get all the details

Mario Kart 8
Smash Bros Wii U
Naruto 4
and more….

Matson Funtime Events!

Rumors of free pizza?!?!?!

Open Play - Many classic and modern consoles setup to play (Atari – Xbone)

Board Games - Need a break from the vids and pc games take a break and play some Board Games.

Party Games - 6 Player Sportsfriends, Joust – If you played it at the last event you are super psyched.

Make sure you invite all your friends and family.